Tamir Simmons is feeling extra grateful these days. A recent graduate of Charlotte Area Fund’s HVAC program, he came to the organization looking for support and training that would help him overcome barriers to sustainable employment. “I came into this program with a record, but they assured me they would do the best they could to put me in a good position – and they did.” 

Charlotte Area Fund helped Simmons enroll in HVAC certification classes, while offering supportive services, including help with childcare and transportation for his family. Now he is employed with Piedmont Facility Services and offers this advice for people beginning Charlotte Area Fund Programs. “If you’re sitting where I’m sitting, especially with that record – keep the faith,” Simmons said. “I graduated almost two years ago. I wasn’t working, not because I wasn’t looking for a job, but because doors kept getting closed. I just kept knocking until one opened up. I’m thankful for Piedmont Facility Services and the Charlotte Area Fund.”