Self Sufficiency Project

Helping People, Changing Lives

The Self-Sufficiency Project is Charlotte Area Fund’s cornerstone program, designed to help low-income individuals build a better life for their family through increased income. Programs offer wrap-around support that eliminate barriers and help clients gain the skills, training and services they need to achieve a better paying job, ultimately breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

Success Coaching

When clients engage with Charlotte Area Fund, they gain a Success Coach that helps them map each step of the journey. Coaches assess each person’s situation, then identify the training and resources they will need to be successful. These resources are targeted to each individual situation and can include job training, family and childcare support, computer instruction, ESL classes and more.

It is this comprehensive, whole-family support that sets CAF apart. Poverty is often a complex web of circumstances. Success Coaches help untangle the barriers, connecting, collaborating and coordinating with individuals, agencies and organizations to develop a plan that leads to long-term success.

Work Readiness Training

In addition to job-specific training, participants in the Self-Sufficiency Project receive workforce development training. These programs are designed to help clients plan a sustainable career path and achieve long-term success. Participants may receive training in financial literacy, budgeting, resume development, interview skills and more.

Success Coaches work with clients to determine the classes and support that would most benefit their desired path.


Specialized Job Training

Charlotte Area Fund offers a range of industry recognized training, both in-house and through partnerships with other organizations. Success Coaches help participants select the program that best aligns with their interests and skills, then connects them with the appropriate training. Each program is designed to help participants achieve a job in a high growing career field such as Healthcare, HVAC, IT and more.

More information about training programs can be found here.

Support Services

For many families, it takes extra support to achieve economic stability. Success Coaches look holistically at a family’s needs and help connect individuals with the additional resources they need to be successful. CAF’s deep relationships with a range of community partners means that clients have access to a broad range of services and a referral network that will support their journey to self-sufficiency. Support services may include:

  • Household/Family Support (Childcare, Transportation Assistance)
  • Work Start Up Resources (Tools, Uniform, Supplies, etc.)
  • Hardship Assistance (Utilities, Housing/Shelter, Meals, etc. )
  • Referral Assistance (Mental Health and Food)