The “B” Team

Mr. & Mrs. B came to the Charlotte Area Fund in December 2018, they came looking for a new opportunity. They were both working jobs and getting few hours and minimal pay. They knew there was help in the community to obtain training so they researched the city’s resources. They had gone to one agency in the city and still had not received employment that would lead to a career. They heard that CAF’s Work Force development program offered a Property Management class. They came as a team looking for the opportunity to try a new career.

After getting information on how to apply, the team completed orientation and all classes which consisted of Customer Service and the Property Management. After completing the required classes, they received an assignment with the Charlotte Housing Authority as an Intern, learning the job of an Assistant Property Manager.

While doing the internship The B team gave it their all. They quickly realized that this was a career that they could do and feel comfortable in. They were a great fit for the culture with CHA. Evaluations were required with each timesheet and they both always received 4’s which is the highest in the evaluation. They were graded on dependability, good attitude, working well with others, and comprehension of materials, following directions, work performance, communication skills, meeting training goals, exhibiting initiative, and meeting deadlines. All the characteristics of great employees.

At the end of the internship Mr. B was offered a position with CHA. Mr. B is now a fulltime employee of Charlotte Housing Authority with full benefits that include insurance and 401K. Ms. B was not hired at the time, but was able to continue her work for them through a temp agency. When a position is available Ms. B will be hired full time with the same benefits.

This opportunity has changed the lives of this family of 4. They are no longer under the 125% federal poverty guideline and self- sufficient.

Mr. B
On behalf of me and my entire family, I say THANK YOU.

When I asked you for help several months ago, I did not know it would lead to such a wonderful position. My new job responsibilities will allow me to use my certification in this field of study and skills that I learned while working as an intern.

To Success Coach:
You are a wonderful mentor and friend. I will forever remember your words of encouragement. Every opportunity you had to mentor me, you will always tell me “Lance, you will be fine”.