Client M

Client M is a native of Washington, DC, was raised in Rock Hill, SCand relocated to Charlotte, NC approximately thirty-two years ago. Ms. M. is a former chef, restaurant owner, mother and grandmother who loves cooking while helping others.

After experiencing financial setbacks and health issues Ms. M. found herself falling into deep depression and anxiety not wanting to live anymore, ready to give up on life. Ms. M. stated that “A friend told me about the Senior Assistance Program at the Charlotte Area Fund and howmuch the information and resources that he was afforded there was impactful and beneficial to him, so I decided to come to CAF and enrolled in the Senior Assistance Program, and to see if it would be beneficial to me as well”.

Since enrollment Ms. M. received help with a security deposit which has enabled her to obtain permanent affordable housing. Ms. M.had lived in a very unstable environment where alcohol and violence were prevalent.Thanks to CAF, Ms. M. is now in a safe place and is also working with a Mental Health provider and sheis optimistic about a bright future.Ms. M.’s healthhas also continued to progress since attending the Senior Assistance Program. Her blood pressure has improved from 144/90 (high) to 106/76 (normal)l. Ms. M.’s weight reduced from 246 lbs. to 223 lbs. and she has a regular exercise routine that includes walking, working out in the gym and attending Senior Assistance Program regularly. Ms. M.states that “I am happier since becoming a participant in the SAPand I am able to stick to my diet and eat healthier!” Ms. M is looking forward toliving a long and healthy life and she hopes that the SAP last forever because it is helpful and loving. Additionally,she thinks the instructor is knowledgeable, caring, helpful and nice!