Expanding our reach. Now serving Davidson and Mint Hill

Charlotte is on the move and so is the Charlotte Area Fund. The Charlotte Area Fund has a rich history of growing with and supporting the transition of our community from a North Carolina city

with a small town feel into the major national banking center and regional economic force. Incorporated as the designated Mecklenburg county community action agency in 1963; the Charlotte Area fund has used a traditional grass roots approach to meeting the needs of the economically disadvantaged members of our community one, individual at a time. However, as our city and county have grown so have the needs of the community. The Charlotte Area Fund has spent the last 6 months reassessing the needs of our community and this agency’s ability and responsibility to more effectively meet the needs of the economically disadvantaged members of the community and increase the impact of this underdeveloped manpower resource available to our community and to become a viable resource in supporting the economic development of this place we call home. Our 2018-2019 fiscal year is off to an incredible start. We’re proud to announce our enhanced 2019 programs, with more options to better service our community, updated initiatives and satellite locations. We will now be offering our services and programs in Davidson at Ada Jenkins Center and in the Mint Hill area. Stay tuned for more excited updates.

Call us at 704-384-3010 for more information.

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