The Charlotte Area Fund Sponsors The Park Church Mobile Shower & Laundry Center MT 25:40

The Charlotte Area Fund is proud sponsor of The Park Church Mobile Shower & Laundry Center MT 25:40 (Matthew 25:40). The economic violence of poverty and homelessness has 3,000 of our Mecklenburg citizens living on the margins of social despair. This unprecedented faith based partnership will restore hope and dignity to families with a hot shower and clean clothes.

“As long as there is poverty in this world, no man can be totally rich even if he has a billion dollars” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

“In December 2020, after being unemployed as a result of covid, I found myself with 3 children under the age of 5, struggling to keep up with our monthly expenses. My situation was urgent, dire and I needed help. After a bit of online research for resources I came across The Charlotte Area Fund(CAF). Along with other applications that I had submitted that day, with no way of knowing whether this would actually materialize into the help I desperately needed, I submitted an application. Initially my interest was assistance with my acute immediate needs-I had no way of knowing the full blessing that submitting the application that day would lead to.

Not long after finding CAF, I was attending virtual resume building, financial literacy and self development classes. These classes were invigorating, fun, clear, professional and most importantly useful! I took away many gems, reminders and motivation that I needed at that time. Once my classes had ended CAF didn’t turn and release me to “go figure it out”. NO, they matched me with Trey Sarter, the best success coach I could have. Trey helped me to lay out a plan of where I wanted to be not just immediately but in the future. We mapped out 1month, 6months, 1year, 2 years & even a 5 year plan on what I envisioned for myself and my family. Going through this process helped me in putting everything into perspective and recognizing the importance of creating my future instead of allowing it.

My next step was to secure employment with a regular consistent income. I also especially needed this employment to be fulfilling beyond the financial compensation. I sorted through the classes and trainings that CAF had a pre-existing relationship with, but none were quite right for me. Eventually I was offered a position with an organization that I knew and loved. The only caveat was that I had to complete a certification training to be hired. I knew that CAF sometimes sponsored trainings outside of their network so I figured “take a chance & ask”. I approached Trey to see if this training that I needed was something CAF may consider sponsoring and prayerfully my request was approved!

On Friday, July 23rd, I officially completed this training! My new position as Executive Project Manager begins September 7th!

I am grateful. Very grateful. Charlotte Area Fund, the support that you offered me and my family has literally been life changing. You helped in a way I didn’t know that I needed. Not only offering resources, but offering real support to self sufficiency. Thank you!”

-Ayyana Nzomo

How To Repair Your Credit In 2022 | Panel Discussion

Charlotte Area Fund is a trusted resource to help you create pathways to self sustained success. Part of that success is wanting you to know how to manage your finances. Credit is very important for many aspects of your life. We’ve gathered a few credit experts in Charlotte to answer some of your credit repairing questions.

When Terrell Williams contracted COVID in 2020, he had no idea the long-term impact it would have on his life. His initial bout with the virus turned into long-term COVID, which led to his dismissal from his job. “I was employed for eighteen years,” said Williams. “I never really thought I would be in this situation.”

It was a tight spot for Williams. He already wanted to upgrade his Class B CDL license to gain access to more and better-paying opportunities. But with the loss of his long-term job and no money coming in, he had significant barriers to reaching his goal. “When I found Charlotte Area Fund, I was able to take classes – Work Smart, a computer class and a resume writing class,” Williams said. He notes that without the support of Charlotte Area Fund, the transition would have been even more challenging.

Williams and his Success Coach were able to create a plan that would enable him to quickly access the career and license training he needed to move forward. Charlotte Area Fund then offered financial support to help cover the income gap during the four-week class to upgrade to a Class A CDL license. “I was able to attend the four-week program, successfully graduate and start my new career two weeks later. I’m moving forward in that career and it was a very rewarding experience,” said Williams.

“I was able to attend the four-week program, successfully graduate and start my new career two weeks later. I’m moving forward in that career and it was a very rewarding experience.”

Terrell Williams, CAF Graduate

On July 29, 2021, families from across the region popped their trunks while Charlotte Area Fund packed them. With the support of area partners, Charlotte Area Fund hosted The Big Pop Up, a food and supply giveaway for area families. The event was hosted in the parking lot at Park Expo Center, cars lined up as far as the eye could see. Boxes of diapers, water, food, cleaning products and other supplies were stacked and loaded by an army of volunteers.

More than 120 Charlotte Area Fund staff and volunteers loaded boxes of supplies into trunks, supplying more than 2,228 adults and children attendees with basic goods that would support families during the pandemic’s continued uncertainty. COVID testing and vaccines were also available for anyone interested, thanks to the support of partners across the area. Many local families are faced with mounting uncertainty and challenges, but Charlotte Area Fund President Nicholas Wharton wanted people to take away one simple message. “We are trying to create an experience where folks just know that there are others who care about them,” said Wharton.

We recently held our 2020-2021 virtual graduation. This graduation was in honor of our Self-Sufficiency, Workforce Development Training, High School Equivalency and Senior Empowerment Program graduates. Total Certifications earned in 2020-2021- were 83 certifications earned virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic – an amazing accomplishment in a challenging year!

You can get a sneak peak at Nick’s motivating graduation speech below which is all about making changes in your life.

If you are interested in joining one of programs that will lead them to self sufficiency through increased income as a result of obtaining training and employment you can learn more about our programs by clicking this link.

Tamir Simmons is feeling extra grateful these days. A recent graduate of Charlotte Area Fund’s HVAC program, he came to the organization looking for support and training that would help him overcome barriers to sustainable employment. “I came into this program with a record, but they assured me they would do the best they could to put me in a good position – and they did.” 

Charlotte Area Fund helped Simmons enroll in HVAC certification classes, while offering supportive services, including help with childcare and transportation for his family. Now he is employed with Piedmont Facility Services and offers this advice for people beginning Charlotte Area Fund Programs. “If you’re sitting where I’m sitting, especially with that record – keep the faith,” Simmons said. “I graduated almost two years ago. I wasn’t working, not because I wasn’t looking for a job, but because doors kept getting closed. I just kept knocking until one opened up. I’m thankful for Piedmont Facility Services and the Charlotte Area Fund.”