CSBG Self Sufficiency Project

Participants in this project receive activities and services that will lead them to self sufficiency through increased income as a result of obtaining training and employment. Program components include:


Individualized Assistance

Each client is assigned to a personal case manager for both the Employment and Consumer Education components.

Assessment of Skill Level

Each client is assessed to determine his/her skill level relevant to education, employment, managing money and nutrition goals.

Work Readiness Training

The Work Readiness pre-employment skills and cognitive behavior modification training consists of a six modules-16 lesson curriculum, as well as resume development, proper employment application completion, interviewing techniques, job retention strategies, etc. Each client who attends 80% and proficiently completes all modules of the Work Readiness Training receives $100 at the conclusion of the training.

On-site High School Equivalency Preparation & Refresher Training

  • CAF, in partnership with CPCC, provides an on-site certified instructor who assists clients with preparations for the High School Equivalency (HSE) test/assessment. Those participants who score at or below an 8th grade level on the TABE will be referred for HSE Courses. Those participants who score at 8.1 and above on the TABE will be referred to the CAF Work Readiness Training, but must enter HSE courses for instruction upon completion. CAF will sponsor clients who wish to attend CPCC for classes toward the achievement of a High School Diploma. CAF may pay up to a maximum of $80 for clients to take the state the HSE test.
  • Tutoring/Mentoring/Refresher Education Instruction will provide participants who possess a Degree, High School Diploma or Equivalency Diploma with enhanced educational skills in an effort to prepare them for training and gainful employment. Participants who possess a Degree, High School Diploma or Equivalency Diploma but have scored below a 12th grade level on the TABE will be referred to the refresher classes within this activity.


Sponsorship of Specialized Skills Classes, Apprenticeships & Internships

Basic Introduction to Computer Training Classes (Windows, WORD, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet) are provided at CAF free to clients who meet the entry-level qualifications.

Vocational Training (Less than one year), i.e. Certified Nurse’s Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Customer Services, Forklift Training, Medical Technician, HVAC, Heavy Equipment Operator, Truck Driving are a few occupational trainings that could be provided in cooperation with local certified providers.

Apprenticeship Training consists of on-site training with area employers to further enhance employability skills as well as create an opportunity to obtain employment. Apprentices work 40 hours per week for up to 12 weeks and earn a stipend of $10 per hour.

Internship Training provides participants with 3 to 4 hours per day of occupational skills training exposure with area employers for up to 12 weeks. This training offers a stipend of $25 per day.

Enrollment in any activity is limited and not guaranteed. Thusly, they are highly competitive and approval of training is contingent upon the client’s assessment results (TABE, work history, background, etc.) and training requirements. Activity will be offered at the case manager’s discretion.

Limited Financial Assistance for Employment

Clients, who qualify based on agency determination, may receive limited financial assistance with tools, transportation, work related clothing, and other work requirement cost.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency financial assistance, which is contingent upon several factors including a client’s ability to maintain an independent status forward, is provided at the staff’s discretion in accordance with written procedures. Enrolled Self Sufficiency Project clients who are in crisis situations will need to apply at Crisis Assistance Ministry (the Emergency Financial Assistance lead agency), first. Once CAF clients receives an answer from Crisis Assistance Ministry, then CAF clients may apply for limited financial assistance up to $500.00 per family. Additional services may be available ( i.e., utilities, medical prescriptions and other miscellaneous medical expenses) under this project.

Counseling and Follow-up Assistance

Each client receives continuous counseling throughout his or her training and employment search. In addition, once employment has been obtained, our case managers periodically follow-up with clients to inquire about the clients’ employment statuses and offer additional assistance, as needed.

Legal Financial Assistance

To assist clients with criminal record expungement, license reinstatements, attorney and filing fees to enhance employability, etc. No court costs will be paid with these funds.

Money Management Training Sessions

Money Management sessions will be held typically in the 3rd week of Work Readiness classes (Monday to Friday). Money Management sessions feature strategies on better ways to manage money and how utilize other community resources. These sessions also include consumer education, i.e. bargain shopping, saving money, budgeting, rebuilding credit, nutrition counseling and life skills. As an incentive for participating and completing these workshops, clients may receive a one- time stipend of $25.00 for completing 11-hours of the sessions.

Budget Counseling Sessions/Goal Setting

Budget counseling sessions are available to individuals and families to assist with managing household resources to avoid crisis situations, reduce debt, realize a savings and possibly establish credit. Clients work with case managers to establish goals regarding their income, adopt family budgets, develop individualized plans, and locate resources toward the achievement of the goals. During the first four months, clients may receive a $25.00 monthly stipend check for participating in scheduled budget counseling sessions.

Financial Wellness and Intense budget counseling

Financial Wellness classes and budget counseling sessions for the purpose of assisting families prepare for major purchases (i.e. home ownership, vehicle).

Consumer Credit Counseling and Credit Repair

To assist clients in cleaning their credit and prepare them for home ownership.

Nutrition Assistance

Clients who have completed the money management training may participate in the CAF Food Club. Each month eligible clients may receive donated food from the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina and other grocers through their participation in the CAF Self Sufficiency Project.